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Sarah Kingsbury Associate Director, Quality & Tax

Sarah is an accountant with over ten years of experience working for a variety of small businesses in the Bay Area. Prior to joining Propeller, Sarah committed a significant part of her work-life in nonprofit organizations dedicated to local causes most important to her, such as education and homelessness. Most recently, Sarah worked as a staff accountant in the tax and audit departments at DZH Phillips, a San Francisco public accounting firm, where she earned her CPA license.
Sarah thrives in her role at Propeller, where she values being part of such an intelligent and collaborative team. She truly enjoys multitasking, helping clients succeed, and solving problems.
Sarah grew up Memphis, Tennessee and earned her B.A. in Communication, with an emphasis in film and video production, from the University of Memphis. After college, she lived in Chicago and worked at a busy commercial photography studio. Sarah still retains her passion for film, art and photography. In her free time, she also enjoys hiking, live music (in small, local venues), expanding her vinyl record collection, and watching cult, classic, and independent films.