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Meg Ludlow Senior Accounting Manager

Meg joins Propeller from the renewable energy sector, most recently working for a utility-scale solar company. She has historically worked on small accounting teams and is a jack of all trades, wearing many hats and working across departments to get things done. Coming from this small company background, Meg is very enthusiastic about Propeller’s business model and their ability to scale to each client depending on the client’s accounting and finance needs.

Meg grew up outside Chicago and ventured to Minnesota for her undergraduate degree, graduating from St. Olaf College with a double major in Biology and American Studies. She worked in the biology industry for several years and stumbled upon accounting when she went back to school after a stint with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Meg hadn’t previously considered going into business and was blown away by how much she enjoyed her accounting courses. One thing led to another and she graduated from University of Colorado Boulder at the top of her class with an MSBA in Accounting!

When she’s not working, Meg tries to be outside as much as possible. She enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and dogs, as well as attending concerts to check out new music.