Matt Turner CFO

Matt Turner has 15 years professional experience in a variety of industries. Prior to joining Propeller, Matt was the Vice-President and Controller at, helping lay the tracks for the roller coaster. He was the Controller at KickApps, a social software company where Matt was the first employee hired and saw it through to the point of completing its acquisition by a public company. Before KickApps, he was the Controller at a variety of companies from start-ups to law firms to online advertising.
As a VP of Finance, Matt leads Propeller teams and creates processes to ensure clients can scale and report on their defined metrics. His focus is helping clients extract the data they need to do that.
Matt graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!). Prior to having a son, Matt spent most of his money and time on consuming music and playing soccer. Now most money and free time go to skateboarding with his son (and going to the doctor) and relaxing with his wife.