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Matt Turner CFO

Matt Turner is the head of Propeller’s Santa Monica office, which opened in July, 2016. Having transferred from New York, he still maintains ties with some of his East Coast clients while mentoring the Santa Monica team and expanding his West Coast client portfolio.

He finds that there are three basic types of clients who sign on with Propeller. There are the “uh-oh” clients, who are growing fast and know they need help starting yesterday. Next are companies that have gone through some growth as their internal financial team learned on the fly—and kept things running relatively well—but who might profit from some outside expertise and mentoring. Finally, more established startups need fractional support that involves long-term strategizing and capitalization.

While at Propeller, Matt worked with a client in the first category, an education company with an unusual business model. The pre-revenue company’s model was so unique that Matt had to invent an entirely new approach to budgeting and forecasting. He set expectations with the client that the model would be a work in progress until they saw some sales and he could understand the revenue drivers. The more experience Matt got with the company, the better the projections became over time, and today the business is thriving.  

Prior to Propeller, Matt worked for a wide range of startups, including and KickApps (where he was the first employee hired and was still there when it was acquired).

Being “done with winter in New York City,” Matt spends most of his spare time outdoors in Santa Monica with his wife and their son.