Kristin Janzen Associate Accounting Manager

Kristin grew up outside of Vancouver, Canada and had her first introduction to accounting while working for a Thinktank in Brussels, Belgium where she was randomly assigned responsibility for the annual World Security budget. By crunching numbers, she was able to effectively solve problems, something that became increasingly unlikely during her study of International Conflict Analysis.
After completing her internship, she did a brief stint as a baker back in Vancouver before applying for an accounting position with the Bakery HQ and going back to school for Accounting. In 2013, she moved to San Francisco and began working at Anchor Brewing Company where she managed CapEx and Accounts Payable. At Anchor, she was able to continue developing her interest in manufacturing and CPG while expanding her skills in multitasking and results based management. She is very excited to join Propeller and collaborate with a team in a client-focused accounting environment. When she’s not working, Kristin enjoys travelling and being outdoors. Living in SF has afforded her the opportunity to cycle to work, which has been both thrilling and terrifying. She regularly bakes various breads and cakes, which she likes to share with her coworkers. Kristin is currently teaching herself to play the ukulele much to the disappointment of her cat.