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Propeller Helmet HEADSHOT

Esheet Modi Finance Manager

Esheet joins Propeller with almost a decade of experience in various fields like consulting, financial strategy, and Logistics.

Before joining Propeller, Esheet worked at a leading logistics firm where he managed growth-related investments and M&A deals for the North and South American markets. Embracing his entrepreneurial side he previously ran his own boutique financial consulting firm advising start-ups on FP&A, budgeting, fundraising, and cash management. During this time, he has worked with a variety of firms ranging from e-commerce, CPG, and professional services coming out of the greater Boston area. The innovation and disruption that entrepreneurs bring to the market are what fuels his passion to work in this sphere.

Esheet has a Master’s in Finance from Harvard and an MBA in HR. He is an avid traveler (23 countries so far), and he enjoys hiking and rock climbing. With a license to mix, he also enjoys adding a modern kick to classic cocktails.