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Debbie Baxter

Debbie Baxter Accounting Manager

Debbie Baxter served in the United States Army, specializing as an Intelligence Analyst, supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom by deploying to Iraq for 14 months as part of the Surge. After returning from deployment and working within small businesses, Debbie discovered her passion for Business Accounting and providing valuable intelligence to business owners, so they could make informed business decisions.

Debbie joins Propeller with over 9 years of experience in accounting and business operations. Throughout her career, Debbie has worked with multiple small businesses either in a traditional employment role or consulting role within the Franchise, Solar, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and SaaS companies. This included overseeing various business accounting roles (Staff, Senior, Manager) while developing internal controls and creating processes that enhanced core business accounting efficiencies, in order to provide valuable and actionable financials.

Born in California, Debbie graduated from the University of Phoenix. Debbie worked full-time while attending school full-time. She is no stranger to getting things done and figuring things out. She currently enjoys training for Triathlons and enjoys learning all things fitness-related. She also enjoys serving her local community and helping others become better versions of themselves.