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Arjun Panchal

Arjun Panchal Finance Manager

Arjun joins Propeller with a wide range of industry experience in finance and accounting. He began his career at a wholesale jewelry retailer in Clearwater, FL where he built his foundations. From there, he ventured into working within the real estate industry for Greystar, an international real estate developer and manager, and a family-owned real estate owner and developer in New York City before finding his passion for working closely with early-stage/high-growth companies. He had joined Propeller initially in 2018 prior to departing in 2020 before the pandemic and picked up additional experiences in managing a portfolio of clients in the ABL space and working closely with the CFO of a bootstrapped start-up in the cosmetics industry.
As a relationship focused individual, you’ll find that working with Arjun, all of his experience to-date has allowed him the fluidity to be both an advisor to clients in their journey to scale their businesses and to work hands-on with decision-makers to help suggest the right next move for their company. He blends his passion for working with clients and financial acumen to provide the insight companies require to elevate to the next level in their growth.

Arjun was born in Florida and moved to New York with his wife and two corgis back in 2017. He earned her Master’s in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University and continues to build on his start-up experience with his clients at Propeller. Outside of work, Arjun fills his cup by cherishing his time with his friends and family, working out, meditating, reading, hiking, and traveling.