Mary’s 20 years of entrepreneurship teaches her that accounting for startups is less a focus on dotting I’s and crossing T’s, and more an exercise of lasering in on the few metrics that will make or break the endeavor. Of course, all the numbers must be accurate, but her biggest strength is knowing what to focus on, and not getting caught in the weeds.
A lover of all things tech, Mary began her career in software development, which led to the founding of her first startup in web development… which led to a second startup in e-commerce. After the sale of both companies, she earned an MBA at Mills College and launched a crowdfunded clothing line which is still in the top 100 highest-funded Kickstarters in its category.
Unique to the field of accounting, Mary has completed the full 100+ hour training at the Coaches Training Institute, positioning her as an accounting coach, or sometimes more accurately: an accounting therapist.
When Mary isn’t crunching numbers she is a serial hobbyist, engaging in interests as varied as welding and cake baking. Fun fact: She sang backup on a song recorded by Grammy-nominated vocalist Melanie DeMore. She lives in Oakland with her wife, their two daughters and two insanely rambunctious cats.