Chrissy joins Propeller with over ten years of diversified financial and operational experience across several industries. 
She began her career working for major financial institutions in the sales function in Chicago. After attaining a few years of experiences, she was drawn to early stage opportunities and leveraged her skills first at a financial modeling enterprise that served the hedge fund industry where she served in both a financial and operations role. She then par laid the aforementioned experiences to become the Lead Accountant of a digital media start up, managing the operations and financials for this fast-growing start-up business.
Chrissy was then recruited to the Chicago Fire Soccer Club of the MLS, working directly for the President, where she led the Team’s first ever market research analysis project to better understand the customer base, which then led to other significant projects such as the development of data analytics used to implement a digital marketing perspective to the franchise.
Chrissy relocated to Austin in 2016 from Chicago where she ran her own accounting business for several years. She had clients in the cosmetics, real-estate investing, and the restaurants industries.
Chrissy is very talented, multi-faceted young professional who over the course of her career has been able to gain diverse experience in several functions of operating a business. She brings great passion and dedication to the business world and is very creative. She works very well in teams and is a highly-respected project leader. Outside of work Chrissy enjoys expanding her vast collection of books, practicing yoga and exercises her creative side by painting and drawing.