Casper Raises $55 Million to Expand Its Mattress Business

$500M pre-money barely a year after launch… via @WSJ

Why founders should not over-raise $. How liquidation preference can screw you.

Great posting from Heidi Roizen, operating partner at DFJ. post/118473647305/how-to-build-a- unicorn-from-scratch-and-walk

The Toy Car Company That Launched At Apple’s Developer Conference Thinks It’s Solved 3 Major Problems In Robotics

Nice Anki story in SAI:

Betabrand maximizing Google Trends

Betabrand is making news again. Great Forbes article here.

Anki Drive leads the pack for robotic startups

Anki Drive is making headlines and about to debut.  Read about their progress here.  

How Biolite is helping prepare for #zombieapocalypse

Nice profile by BusinessonMain

Why your startup needs more women

They improve ROI:      

CNBC Mad Money’s Jim Cramer gets Crazy over BioLite

This is a first for us – see Mad Money’s Jim Cramer rave about BioLite’s camp stove and home stove technology during an outdoor demo…

Cult Clothing Retailer Betabrand Raises $6.5 Million From Foundry Group

First, online clothing retailer Betabrand announced plans to protect your privates withTSA-thwarting scanner-proof underwear. Then it offered up a solution to Mark Zuckerberg hoodie haters…

Prism SkyLabs raises 7.5M from Triangle Peak, Andreesen Horowitz, Others

Congrats to Prism Skylabs who successfully raised $7.5 million in Series A funding last week. This is an incredibly compelling concept: think about what you could do if…