Propeller Industries provides outsourced accounting and finance services for early-stage companies. We’re a team of experienced finance and operations executives, entrepreneurs, and accountants who have developed best-practices and processes for hundreds of businesses spanning several decades. We’ve packaged that learning into a cost-effective model that is currently serving dozens of clients across a broad range of industries.


Most small businesses rely solely on the services of a bookkeeper or controller for their financial needs, which often results in leaving strategic, mission-critical functions at risk, while at the same time overpaying for routine tasks. We help to drive a company’s growth and financial success through our unique perspective: small businesses are best served through the part-time use of an integrated team like Propeller’s, which includes expertise at all levels—bookkeeper, controller, and CFO—under a single point of accountability. Our clients pay only for the services they need, and because we focus exclusively on early-stage growth companies, we have deep experience with the specific challenges they face.


The platform for Propeller’s service model is a secure, cloud-based, technology eco-system. Our approach leverages best-in-class solutions such as paperless A/P, electronic routing, approvals and payments, and online payroll management and expense reporting. Financial reporting is comprehensive yet cost-effective to produce, with one-click financial reports, dashboards and variance analysis generated on demand. We provide real-time reporting and data access to management teams, which helps our clients build, shape and operate their businesses.

Propeller Industries is not licensed by the state of California and the accounting services being offered do not require a state license.